Study in Europe for free
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The main advantage of choosing Prague for studies is ability to study in Europe for free. Its not only Czech native students who can enojy the previlegies of free studies, but also foreign students can study in Europe for free using Czech language. Czech language is not difficult to cope with, usually within half a year all the students can speak and in other half a year students master their writing skills.

If you plan to choose Czech as your final destination for life and work, Czech language will become additional plus for your CV and thus future salary

The other advantage of getting higher education in Prague for foreigner is the opportunity to get a job during studies and after graduation. After getting the diploma a foreign student can stay in the country for living and working and by means of the state program it is possible to receive permnanent residence in 1.5 years.

During study period in the Czech universities, students can freely move all over the Europe. For example, bus ticket to Austria costs ony 30 Euro. A student can take the advantage of the students discounts from all kinds of public transport. In buses warm drinks, magazines and newspapers are offered for free, for this reason such buses are extremely popular.

In high schoolds of Prague it is possible to receive the second higher education. According to Czech law there is no age restrictions for people to study, thats why many adult people go to study new specialties, usually during such studies adults have classes 1-2 times a week, mainly on weekends or Fridays.

After getting diploma of the Czech uiversity ( state or private) the foreigner and the Czech graduates have the identical rights for employment. Many high schools send students on an obligatory half a year practice to leading Czech and foreign companies. Employers are willing to hire students and fresh graduates because its much easier for them to understand the principles of work i the company and adjust them.

What do you need to do for study in Europe for free?

First of all, you need to master the Czech language. We advice you to go for language courses during which you will cope with the language and repeat or even learn the subjects for passing entrance exams to universities. For Indian, Pakistani and Egyptian students we advice to takes one year standard course ( 1000 hours of Czech), those who speak Russian, Ukrainian usually are able to master the language quicker and can go for a smart course.

477 hours of Czech or English
5 January- 30th June
2180 euro
Smart course (800 hours Czech or English) 3400 Euro
Standard course (1000 hours Czech or English) 3900 Euro
Complex ( 1200 hours of Czech or English +profficient subjects) 4500 Euro
700 hours of Czech OR English languages
3000 Euro