Study Abroad in Europe
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Advantages of Study Abroad in Prague

Every year, millions of students prefer to study abroad, we tried to understand what attracts students to study abroad, why Prague and Europe are right destinations.

1. Study abroad: the perfect start for your career

It doesnt matter if you decide to become an engineer or doctor, or maybe a career of designer attracts you, background that you get at European university will boost your career. Deep knowledge, recognized level of education, your ability to leave comfort zone and search for new challengers will attract future employers. Many potential employers are interested in freshers and start proposing part-time or full time employment even before you pass your final exams.

2. Thousands of options for study abroad, you can choose from hundreds of universities and thousands of specialties

There are hundreds of universities in Czech, offering thousands of study courses in English. You can find a course in any academic discipline from Medicine to Pedagogics, from engineering to design;

3. Opportunity to be trained in English or Czech languages and get the diploma about higher education that is worldwide recognized. Students who come to Prague for study abroad get diplomas that are recognized in all countries of the world.

4. Tuition fees are low, study in Czech is free for all the students. Yes, international students also study free of charge

In comparrison to countries like the Great Britain, Germany or France, the tuition fees at most public universities in Prague are very low abour 2000 Euro per academic year. There are also lots of scholarship opportunities, exchangers of students like Erasmus pograms. While studies you can choose to spend one semester in other country and during your studies abroad yo will get a scholarship.

5. During study abroad in High School students have rght to work legally.

The majority of students work during their studies abroad. As a student of Prague university you get right to work for 20 hours per week legally, suc chedule seems to be good for both study and work. Students often work as waiters, couriers, night receptionists in hotels and disco clubs. On the third year of studies abroad its a good idea to find a job even if it is part time job in order to gain practical experience in your specialty.

5. Europe without boarders

When you study abroad you should use the chance to see more countries than just one. Thanks to a wealth of cheap flight, train and bus connections, and relatively short travel times, that is even possible on a limited student budget and with tight semester schedules.

If you are a non-European citizen studying within the Schengen Area (and there are 26 European states in it) you can visit any of these states VISA FREE. Think of all the great experiences you can gain even far away from campus. It takes just 4 hours by bus or train to reach Austria capital-Vienna, 2 hours to go to Bratislava- the main city of Slovakia, 2 hours to reach Dresden- former capital of eastern Germany.

6. The higher education systems are well-respected and aligned

Thanks to the Bologna process of reforms, the national higher education systems of all European countries have been aligned. That means that any Bachelor or Master in Europe follows the same general academic framework. Czech diplomas ( graduation papers) are world wide recognized.

7. You can study in English

Not only are there several thousand Bachelors and Masters in English that you can choose from. In most European countries, the proficiency in English is generally very high. That means even if you struggle to learn the basics in Polish, Portuguese or Swedish, you can always get by with English in everyday situations.

****** Those who are brave enough for studying in local language can study for FREE.

477 hours of Czech or English
5 January- 30th June
2180 euro
Smart course (800 hours Czech or English) 3400 Euro
Standard course (1000 hours Czech or English) 3900 Euro
Complex ( 1200 hours of Czech or English +profficient subjects) 4500 Euro
700 hours of Czech OR English languages
3000 Euro