Visa support

STUDENT VISA TO CZECH REPUBLIC: requirements, documents needed

Students wishing to study in Czech republic must apply for a student visa in Czech consulate in native country. Its not possible to study in Prague without a valid Czech study visa.   WE ARE THE ONLY PRAGUE CENTER THAT PREPARE STUDENTS FOR VISA INTERVIEW. 4 hours training will be provided before visa application.

About 45% of our students choose us because we give assistance in getting the visa, help to recognize school diploma from native country and pass through entrance exams.

All documents must be presented in their original form or as a notarized copy

and may not be older than 180 days, except documents like travel document, birth certificate and marriage certificate.

The decision about visa application is made by the regional office of  the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of  Interior of the Czech Republic.

The visa for a stay over 90 days is granted for maximum length of 1 year

All documents (except the travel document and bank statement)  must be in the Czech language. Translations into the Czech language  must be officially verified.

While lodging the application, an interview with the applicant can be conducted. A written record of the interview can be a part of the application. A  record will be written down in Czech languge and will be signed by the  applicant and the officer of the Consulate who will conduct the  interview. In case you don´t understand Czech you can bring an  interpreter with you to translate the written record.

Additional copies of all submited documents are required (one  set of the originals or notarized copies and one set of copies  including the application and data page of the passport+prepaid self  addressed envelope)!!!

Processing time: by law a student visa must be issued within 90 days from the moment a whole pack of doucments is submitted to Czech consulate

It is not possible to expedite the visa process! Please be aware that no status updates on long term visa applications will be given by the Consulate (neither by mail nor phone).

For applying the students visa ( long term study courses) you need to get

-a prove of accomodation,

-landloard certificate

-and a prove of study

-application form

All these documents are provided by Prague Study Center.

Documents prepared by student

- travel medical insurance

-bank statement of student or parent

Funds to cover the stay in the Czech Republic may be proven by one of following possibilities:

  • a notarized copy of the internationally recognized debit card on  your name with a validity during your stay in the Czech Republic +  original or notarized copy of corresponding bank checking account statement on your name
  • an original letter from the bank confirming the fact that you will  be able to use your funds during your stay in the Czech Republic +  notarized copy of internationally recognized debit card on your name
  • another document confirming that you can use the financial funds  during a stay in the Czech Republic (e.g. an original letter from the  family member confirming the financial support during your stay in the  Czech Republic signed by a person who will support you /notarized  signature/ plus an original or his/her notarized bank account statement)  + notarized copy of internationally recognized debit card on your name

- 4 passport size photos

- international passport valid at least 1 year for those who choose half  a year courses, and 1,5 years for students comming for 1 year preparatory course

- prove of civil status- birth certificate, marriage certificate if any,

- Criminal History Background ( a prove that you havent committed any crimes in your native country)