A students fills the application form on website­

Upon approving the application form, students gets unique ID number ­

A students signs a contract with Prague Study Center­

A student pays 200 Euro as enrollment fee and passes the admition test ­

After passing the test succesfully, a student gets confirmation of his studies in Prague and pays tutition fees ­

A student chooses accommodation and pays 0,5 month deposit for it ­

A student starts collecting the documents for student visa according to the list provided by Prague Study Center ­

A student sends scanned copies of his documents by email, Prague Study Center checks them ­

A student sends originals of the documents to Prague Study Center ­

Prague Study Center with the help of authorized translators and notary, make translations to the Czech language and legalization of the documents ­

Prague Study Center prepares a Student for the interview in Czech consulate. Legalized documents are sent to Student by priority air mail. ­

A student is applying for the visa in Czech consulate ­

A student is choosing date of arrival, discuss it with Prague Study Center, buys tickets ­

A student arrives to Prague. Upon agreement he can be met by Prague Study Center representative at the airport ­

A student starts his studies in Prague. ­