After duation from preparatory courses you can enter Jan Amos Komensky University Prague is located in the beautiful and historic city of  Prague, situated in the vibrant district of Zizkov near the city centre.  Our students will find an intimate and friendly atmosphere set within  the walls of our historic buildings.

We specialize in adult education, special education, teacher  training, social and media communication including scenic and media  studies and audiovisual communication, tourism management, security  studies, insurance business studies, managerial psychology, law in  entrepreneurship, as well as European economic and public administration  studies including the prestigious, internationally accredited and  recognised MBA programme.

Jan Amos Komensky University Prague  has gradually attained a solid position within the tertiary education  market as the largest Czech institution of its kind and the first  private university (as defined by the Czech Higher Education Act),  successfully filling the gaps of the national tertiary education system  both in terms of subjects offered and the regional coverage.

The University offers fully accredited university studies in the  Czech language including degree courses in English (primarily in  European Economic and Public Administration) as well as certified  life-long learning courses. We have been active in research, and  innovations participating in various national and international projects  as well as being a member of various associations such as the European  University Association. Our research activities cover, in particular,  special education, adult education, human resources development,  methodologies of education, economy and public administration and  communication & media.

As a continuation in the long-standing  tradition of the Komensky Academy, a non-governmental, not-for-profit  organization which was engaged in adult education in 1990’ the Jan Amos  Komensky University Prague’s systematic development is based on  cooperation with professional workplaces in both the Czech Republic and  abroad. Established in 2001, the Jan Amos Komensky University Prague  offers inventive programmes and has a continuously expanding student  base, at present encompassing around 5 000 students. More programmes are  currently being developed so please check back regularly.