Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague

Bachelor´s program

The Institute of Hospitality Management currently offers 4 bachelor’s and 3 master’s programs accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

For those interested in careers in attractive fields of the service industry, our goal is to offer highly professional preparation in order to facilitate:

work in middle to upper management in hotel chains and other establishments in the travel and tourism industry,

doing business in the field of hotels, gastronomy, and travel and tourism,

securing a management position in numerous other fields.

Achieving this goal requires steady attention to high quality instruction, enriching it with the newest professional knowledge and trends, and combining theory with practice. More than 80 percent of instruction is carried out by full-time teachers who are working to constantly improve the quality of instruction. A select number of specialized subjects are taught by experts with experience in the field and from other universities.

The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague provides its students with the complete groundwork for a successful degree.

The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague currently offers instruction in two modern and fully air-conditioned lecture halls, computer classrooms and several auditoriums fully equipped for multi-media presentations, including a space with state-of-the-art technology for practical and laboratory instruction - a gastronomical lecture hall, restaurant and kitchen with training facilities, saloons, and two bars for training sommeliers and bartenders. Wi-fi access is available on the entire campus so that students may have the possibility to connect to the internet at any time.

In 2013 the study rooms were completely modernized and a large number of computer stations were installed with high-speed internet access. The rooms also provide space for studying - including a reading room, photocopy machines and computer printers. There is also a library for use by students and staff, and a place to buy printed study materials. The best professional and specialized university materials are available from our own faculty and adjunct instructors for all subjects taught at the school.

Hospitality Management in English

The Institute of Hospitality Management (IHM) aims its new program at those students who want to study in English. The full-time Bachelor Degree program in Hospitality Management in English is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education and accepted in all EU and other leading countries of the world. This program runs parallel to the identical, fully-accredited program that is taught in Czech. The English program has been on offer by IHM for over 10 years and has already some 2,000 successful graduates to its credit.

The character of the hospitality industry is by definition international and English has become the "lingua franca" of hotel and tourism services everywhere. IHM would like to offer the possibility of studying Hospitality Management in English to young people from all over the world. If hospitality is something that attracts your interest and you feel that learning how to master the haute etiquette and impeccable services usually associated with this field at its best is worth the effort, you may be interested in learning more about IHM in Prague.


Applications for admission are accepted from February.

Tuition for one semester is 39,500 CZK (approximately EUR 1,550 /semester or USD 2,200/semester, depending on actual exchange rate). Payments must be made in Czech crowns.

Conditions for admission are concurrent with standard conditions for other fields of study at the IHM and can be found on the IHM web pages. Applicants will be required to prove their knowledge of English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages or with submission of results from an internationally recognized English test (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS). Students pass the tests at the end of preparatory course.