Preparatory course English+ Economy or Czech+ Economy

For those who has decieded to enter Czech institute or university of Economy field and study finance, banking, insurance, risk management, taxation, accounting, economics of organizations we made preparatory course English+Economy and Czech language+Economy.

To enter and study for free you need to learn Czech and prepare for the entrance exams. The program of the economic block of Prague Education center unites these two tasks. We prepare applicants for admission to these universities according to programs approved by Ministry of education. if you want to enter the best economic universities in the country, this course is for you.

If your parents can afford paying 2000-3000 euro annualy for your studies in university, you can study in English, then you choose English+economy course.

Course Description

The course gives strong math knowledge

Emphasis on Economics and foreign languages

Preparation for entrance exams, tests of knowledge every two weeks

The program is based on the methods of leading economic faculties.

Our teachers are current University lecturers

What is included into the price?

We prepare the documents needed for applying the visa, check the documents prepared by a client and make translations and legalizations of documents according to Czech law

We prepare the students for an interview at the Consulate

Help to find the place to stay

We organize transfer and meet the students at Prague airport

We help to buy a travel card

We recommend exchangers with a good exchange rate

We provide mobile SIM card so that you can always be in touch with us

We help with choosing right universities and specialties

We prepare the documents for legalzation of secondary school diploma and prepare the student for passing legalization exams

We control the attendance and monitor the academic performance of our students

We give feedback to parents

The study in Prague Study Center is divided into two semesters.

During the first semester (September - December) we prepare the documents for legalization of your secondary school certificates or diplomas. For students its hard time when lots of new grammar rules and vocabulary are taught. Every day students spend 4-6 hours in classrom, several hours a day they need for preparing homework. Pegue educational Center helps its students not on to study in a classroom but also spend their free time in effective and productive way. Prague Study Center organizes l

During the second semester (from January to May) we work hard on preparing ourselves for entrance exams. Every week or once in two weeks depending upon a subject we write tests to control our knowledge and show the spheres in which we still make mistakes. Usually our students show 80-85% success rate.

Students of the economic field continue to study the Czech or English languages up to the level of B2, that so called an advanced conversational level . In addition, the schedule includes English with a native speaker and a block of economic terminology, where students analyze texts on the profile, study words from the field of macro - and microeconomics. Math classes start in the second semester.

Usually, students of Economy field have to pass the following entrance exams:

Math test

Foreign language exam

IQ test that you can pass several times and provide your best result to university.

During the second semester, all our students will be assisted in choosing a University and specialty. Usually in the mid of January students with the help of prague eeducation center specialists submit application forms for entering the universities. In may,students get the opportunity to pass a language exam, the results of which will be recognized by the state universities of the Czech Republic.

The course Czech+Economy in hours

-620 hours of Czech with a native speaker

- Pre-University training for entering the universities of finance or economy field:

- 120 hours of terminology

-150 hours of math

- 150 hours of English

The course  English+Economy in hours

-770 hours of English with a native speaker

- Pre-University training for entering the universities of finance or economy field:

- 120 hours of terminology

-150 hours of math

Price of the course 3900 Euro