After you graduate from preparatory courses you can enter CBI-

Central Bohemia Institute of Applied Science and Management

Central Bohemia  Institute od Applied Science & Management (CBIASM) ranks among the  newest and the most modern private universities in the Czech Republic.  Attracting steady influx of new students since its establishment in  2011. Attests to its reputation as a first-rate educational institution.  Located in the center of Prague.

  • As an innovative university which constantly thrives on delivering outstanding service and support to our students.
  • All academic inquiries should receive feedback within 48 hours. Each  student has a personal tutor to consult any issues and queries (both  academic and professional).

Certified Institution We are accredited by  recognized UK ASIC accreditation agency (Accreditation Service for  International Schools, Colleges & Universities). Our study  programmes and short courses are accredited either by INTEAS  (International Education Accreditation Society) or Ministry Education,  Youth and Sports or by other authorities recognized in EU. We have  become a member of QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network).  Currently, we offer new bachelor, master, and doctoral programmes. Partners  CBIASM has well established an academic network based on partnership  and student-exchange agreements with more than 50+ universities around  the globe. CBU is a QISAN member. Study Programs CBU offers degree programs for bachelor, master and doctoral students on academic and MBA programs on a professional level.

  • Executive MBA
  • MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
  • MBA in Real Estate Development
  • MBA in Diplomacy and International Relations
  • MBA in Healthcare

CBI focuses on professional development  of our international students which results in providing all courses in  the English language. Research Since 2013 we organize  annual international conference currently indexed in Thomson Reuters -  Web of Science Core database and Proquest. Lecturers publish in Scopus  and Thomson Reuters rated journals in many fields and specializations  (e.g. economics, engineering, natural sciences, etc.).Including  Conference, we publish total four research journals indexed in Google  Scholar, DOAJ, EBSCO, CrossRef and other databases. We support open  access and use Open Journal System. Lecturers Vast  majority of our lecturers are experts with extensive professional and/or  research experience, committed to practicality which means they are  consistently current and topical in their teaching. This is critically  important especially to students in our professional degrees programmes  (MBA and DBA). E-Learning Students have access to Matrix NEO, state-of-the-art cloud-based e-learning system we use for our online and fulltime lectures.

  • Is provided in a wide range of languages. Perfectly reads on mobile and tablet devices.
  • User-friendly environment to read documents, display video or play audio.
  • Among other functions, web conferencing, messaging, resources  library, collaboration tools, social networking, integration with Google  Drive or iCalender, easy administration, etc.