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For those dreaming about study in Europe we propose wide range of preparatory, language or  professional courses, from medicine to IT, from social studies to architecture


by fair reasonable proces, study in Czech language is totally FREE for everyone even for foreigners

Учеба в Чехии для русских

Все больше русских студентов приезжают в Чехию на учебу. Закончив подготовительные курсы и успешно сдав экзамены, студенты из России могут учиться в Чехии абсолютно бесплатно



Study in Europe Czech republic

Dreaming about study in Europe? With Prague Study Center your dreams will come true. Prague Study Center offers you a unique opportunity to study in Europe, we invite international students for preparatory courses after which they can study in Europe and gain university degree at any state or private Prague university. All European universities offer a wide range of high quality study abroad programmes taught entirely in English. Though the quality of higher education offered by universities in Prague is equal to the top universities in England, Germany or USA, tuition fees are much lower.Our Study Europe Center gives a unique opportunity to finish a preparatory course in the Czech language and enjoy European studies for free without any tuition fees. Join Study Europe programs, together with thousands of students from all over the world you cab get the experience of a lifetime – study in Europe, live in Europe, love Europe!

Why to study in Europe, the Czech republic?

Education in the heart of Europe

Prague is located in the center of Europe, Czech republic is a member of EU, for students it means that they can go visa free to all EU counties (Germany, France, Austria,Netherlands, Italy, Spain are among them)

Ability to work legally

By getting Czech visa (student visa), one gains a right to work part-time ( about 20 hours weekly). Thats enough for getting work experience, and earning for daily needs. Usually students manage to earn 500-700 Euro monthly combining their studies and work. At the end of their studies as future graduates from European universities, students can participate in different projects of European government that lead to residence and permanent residence in EU. Citizenship is usually given after 5 years of being PR holder.

Opportunity to participate in Erasmus scholarships

Students of Czech universities can participate in different scholarship programs. Students ofter go to foregn universities for half a year courses, during their studies they gain experience, exchange knowledge and cultural habbits and get scholarship for about 700 Euro monthly.  


Europe study programs

Prugue Study center offes to its international students about 70 programs, the most popular programs are:

- one year preparatory course in English ( for further study in Czech private or state university)

-one year preparatory course in Czech ( for further study in Czech universities FOR FREE)

-half a  year preparatory course in English

-half a year preparatory course in Czech

- combined studies in English ( 4,5 months online+4,5 months in Prague)

- internships in Europe! During 2 weeks in Prague you can choose to learn

  • business
  • economy
  • filming
  • photography
  • medicine
  • IT
  • pedagogics

We have special programs for those who choose to go for further study to Charles university, or economical university. Students can choose if they go for study English or Czech language or want to deep their knowledge in subjects needed for further study like math,biology or chemistry.

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477 hours of Czech or English
 5 January- 30th June
 2180 euro
Smart course (800 hours Czech or English) 3400 Euro

Standard course (1000 hrs Czech or English) 3900 Euro
Complex (1200 hours of Czech or English +profficient subjects) 4500 Euro
700 hours of Czech OR English languages3000 Euro
Medical preparatory courses in Prague
One year course for future doctors and dentists
500 hours of language studies with a native speaker +500 hours of subjects needed for passing entrance exams
3900 Euro
MBA preparatory course in Prague
One year course for future top managers
500 hours of language learning +500 hours of subjects needed for passing entrance exams
3900 Euro
Entering private Prague university
Express course for those who wish to enter Prague private institute or university. 320 hours of language learning, 3 months preparatory course in Prague.
1700 Euro

Prague Study Centre programmes lead to a wide range of universities and world-class degrees taught in English. Degrees taught in Czech are 100% free for all the students,even for international students.  In 2016  405 international students successfully entered Czech universities.

Filmaking in summer/one month course

Each participant shoots his or her own film.

Covering screenwriting, directing, camera, editing, and sound, the  four-week summer workshops at Prague Film School are designed to lead  the student from story idea to finished short film.

The first two weeks of the program are classroom-based – introducing  the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography,  and sound while also prepping students for their end-of- workshop short  film. Each student writes and directs his or her own short while also  working on other student productions in various crew capacities.

The third week, students shoot their films. The final week of the  program, students edit their films, all of which are screened at a  public cinema and reviewed by the faculty.

At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Summer Program on Architecture, Land Development & Real Estate

The main goal of the Summer Program on Architecture is to cover a  wide range of profession related subjects normally not studied at  schools of architecture; something that will be very helpful to the  students in the real world.

The morning lectures taught in classrooms will concentrate on  career-oriented subjects like cooperation between architects, land  developers and real estate consultants, the architectural design of  commercial buildings from a commercial point of view, working with  clients and with authorities, planning and management of cities’ growth,  heritage protection.

In the afternoon students will be using the city as the classroom. They  will be studying specific historical and contemporary buildings and  neighborhoods in Prague, as well as in Berlin, Vienna, and Brno during  excursions, in such ways as to support and complement the commercially  and business-oriented curriculum of the ECCE School.

At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of attendance.

International Summer Soccer Camp in Prague

Prague Study Center organizes a unique 10 days program in Prague that includes constant soccer training and intensive language courses. The program is focused on studying Soccer English and intensive soccer trainings.

This program was created for young soccer players who already have experience in playing for soccer teams in native or foreign countries and want to improve their skills with professional soccer coach, see how soccer trainings in famous soccer teams of Prague are organized.  In summer soccer camp the participants will have a great opportunity to try theirs skills in professional soccer, playing on the fields of one of the best European soccer clubs. The trainings are held by professional coaches with the opportunity to use infrastructure of the club. Games and trainings are combined with active cultural and educational programs. After finishing the program participants will get the certificates of Soccer Academy. This international program is planned for young people from all over the world. During the program students are studying the English language mainly related to soccer, its kind of professional English taught by native American soccer teacher.


MEDICAL TRAINING INTERSHIP: Medicine:Modern trends in Czech and European health care

Duration of the training: 10 days

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TEACHER TRAINING INTERSHIP: Pedagogy. Bologna Process, Modern trends in European education

Duration of the training: 10 days

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IT+ English summer internship

IT +English summer course is a right education form for people who want to learn some particular topic in short term and boost their knowledge

Duration of the training: 10 days

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